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Custom Golf Club Fitting, Building and Repair

Dynamically optimizing your golf clubs for your body is a mandatory first step for game improvement. ClubCraft’s expert club fitters and builders are passionate professionals uniquely experienced to do just that.

‘Coach Joey D’ Diovisalvi / Biomechanics and Golf Fitness Expert.

custom golf club fitting

Custom Golf Club Fitting

Located at the Joey D Golf Performance Center in Jupiter, ClubCraft® is South Florida’s most exciting custom club fitting, building and repair facility. A true golf wonderland for players in Palm Beach, Martin and Broward County to experience what complete game improvement is all about. You don’t have to be a Tour Pro to put the latest technology to work in your game. Let our experienced fitters show you the optimal head, shaft, grip, and specifications to increase ball speed, distance and accuracy in your game.

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custom golf club building

Precision Golf Club Building

Every custom fit club is hand built on site in our state-of-the-art build shop to your individual specifications. We employ the very latest in shaft frequency analysis and alignment, featuring the exclusive SSTPUREing process, our workmanship is guaranteed to deliver the consistent performance you deserve.

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Is Your Torque Balanced?

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.02.54 PM We get a lot of questions about what kind of putters are ideal for which kinds of players. And as you might guess, the answer is always "the right one for you, your body and your stroke." At the risk of sounding overly ambiguous -- it's just the best answer. What most players don’t realize about scoring with the Flatstick is that there are many other factors besides the weight, shape, and feel of the head. There are issues in stance, eye dominance, posture, body alignment and torque. Among these factors, torque is one of the most misunderstood — which is why our friends at Edel

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If you’re not familiar with SST Pure technology, you should stop in and see this incredible process for yourself. SST PUREing makes every club in your bag feel better, hit more consistently, and score better.


Our Brands

Cobra, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Srixon, Cleveland, Titleist, Callaway, PING, Adams, PXG, Edel

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Why Play Custom Golf Clubs?

  • To Immediately Add 10-20% Carry Distance
  • For The Confidence That Comes With Playing Equipment You Can Trust
  • Because TrackMan Data Proves Game Improvement
  • PUREd Shafts Automatically Add Consistency
  • So Every Club Plays Like Your Favorite Club
  • To Go Low A LOT More Often