Tour-Style Club Fitting

All Major Brands

We carry every major brand of head, shaft and grip to fit your unique swing. TrackMan records ball flight data for immediate feedback.

Seasoned Expert Fitters

Experience Matters

Over 50 years of custom club fitting, teaching and building experience make our team one of the most knowledgeable around.

Know It’s Always Right

Your Clubs Built On Site

Once you meet your builder, you’ll understand why we build golf clubs in-house. It’s our way to insure they match your exact specifications.

We Build Golf Clubs For More

Speed, Distance & Accuracy

Golf swings look similar, but every one is slightly different. With over 50 years of collective experience, we understand equipment combinations that will gain you more ball speed, distance and accuracy.


Smash Factor / Ball Speed

It’s a power ratio you see on TrackMan to compare how much actual performance you’re getting from each different head / shaft combination you try.


Shaft Flex

9 out of 10 golfers play with a shaft that is not right for them. Once you discover your optimum shaft profile you can add up to 30 yards from this adjustment alone!

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Swing Weight

It’s the relative weight of everything you’ve got in your hands. Too heavy and it wears you out. Too lite and you’re giving away distance.


Length, Loft & Lie

Major elements that factor into your own personal build specifications to help control direction, trajectory and relative distance between clubs.

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Our Scorecard

90% of our business is through referrals from satisfied players.
We appreciate the opportunity to share our passion and help grow the game.

Very Professional Club Fitters.
They used TrackMan to find the right club heads, shafts and grips for my swing and ability. Sounds expensive? Actually not that much more than an off the rack set. I love my new clubs and I highly recommend this company.”
-Harold Sand

Got Fitted For Everything
from wedges to a driver. Dave was super patient, really helped my swing and directed me to the best equipment. Gabe is a wizard at building clubs. Does such a fantastic job! Would 100% recommend to go get your clubs fitted with the guys at ClubCraft.”
-Michael Garbarino

I Fully Understood
My goal was to become familiar with golf clubs in general and to “understand” how a golf club “works.” But it wasn’t until I visited ClubCraft that I fully understood the intricacies of a golf club. I fully recommend them to you.”
–Antonio A. Fernandez

Fit Like A Pro
Overall, the experience felt like you were getting the same quality of fitting any pro player would receive and the cost was reasonable as I will have a set that will outlast any off the shelf set.”
-Dustin Johnston

Wish I came here first!!!
Unfortunately, ClubCraft was not the first place I had a fitting and ultimately I was placed in the wrong shaft by another fitter. I’m sold on ClubCraft and Richard and wish I came here first!!!”
–Phil Rothman

Best club fitting I have ever had!
They take the time to measure your current clubs to see the deviations then test you in the suggested changes or different clubs they suggest you try.”
–Pansy Mullings

Ready To Change Your Game?

Our Club Fitters are standing-by to get you to your Best Game!

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