The ClubCraft Difference…or The Fastest Way to Level Up your Game

If you follow golf, you’ve probably heard plenty of references to the mythical “15th club” in your bag — that one intangible that’ll let you elevate your game to a higher level. A quick Google search on “15th club” comes up with everything from your attitude and your diet to owning the perfect pair of sunglasses or, perhaps, a shotgun. The 15th club is looked at as the ultimate secret weapon that’ll save your round.

The truth is, though, if the 14 actual clubs in your bag have been custom-fit for your swing and your body, then you probably don’t need a magical, mystical “15th club.”

If you’re playing with a set of clubs you bought off the rack a couple of years ago, you’re probably not shooting your best possible scores. Even if those clubs were custom-fit, they may no longer be a perfect fit for your swing and your body.

Simply put, the club is nothing more than an extension of your body.

If you’ve gained weight, lost weight, gotten taller, had an injury, or — more hopefully — improved as a player, there’s a good chance that there are things about your current clubs that could be holding you back from playing your best.

At ClubCraft, our club-fitters have more than 35 years combined experience at making sure that the clubs you’re using are the right clubs for you.

Being located inside the Joey D Golf Sports Training Center in Jupiter, Florida has a couple of advantages. First off, it’s THE destination for anyone that’s looking to improve their game, so on any given day we might be able to see how different club builds respond in the hands of world-class players like Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, and Lexi Thompson.

Secondly, we get to see, on a regular basis, how a changing body may require a tweak to your clubs. If you’ve gotten stronger — which is a good thing and will help your golf game — you may need to adjust your clubhead weight so you can continue to properly feel the movement of the club. If you’ve increased your clubhead speed, the shafts that you’re playing with may now not be stiff enough for your swing.

By putting a player in a hitting bay with what we think is an improved club build, we can give them a taste of how the new club is going to feel. And with high-tech assessment equipment like TrackMan, we can show them exactly just how much clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, launch angle, carry and total distance a new build might mean.And despite the fact that on any given day, you could be walking past PGA and LPGA Tour pros at the Joey D Golf Sports Training Center, we custom-build clubs for everyone — from the game’s elite to those just starting out. You don’t need to be a scratch golfer or better to see and feel real changes and improvements in your game.

The average handicap of ClubCraft clients is around 16.

You don’t need to be getting ready for the Ryder Cup; you just need to be ready to have a set of clubs that’s in tune with your current level of play and conditioning.

There is no quicker way to see fast results than by playing with clubs that have been custom-built to your swing and your body.

It’s honestly a game-changer. After playing with clubs that have been built specifically for the way you play golf, your old clubs will feel like you’re wearing someone else’s shoes. And when the folks in your playing foursome want to know the secret to your improved play, tell them that the secret “15th club” in your bag is the confidence that ClubCraft has given you in the other 14 clubs in your bag.