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With over 50 years of collective experience consulting golfers at every skill level, our talented team are not just incredible fitters and builders. Every club session will include a consultation of your overall game, an initial assessment of your current clubs and a data driven analytical fitting with the help of TrackMan Golf.
At the conclusion of your fitting you’ll have a range of options to meet your playing goals and budget.


Full Bag


Driver, Wood, Hybrid, Iron and Wedge Fitting

The Experience:
Our most popular experience, this is a real game changer. You’ll work with an expert fitter from a blank slate to create the perfect bag for your unique body and swing.

Duration: 2 hours


Long Game


Driver, Hybrids & Woods

The Experience:
Highly important clubs in the bag. Our Driver/Wood/Hybrid Fitting will allow you to feel comfortable hitting these clubs and get the ball flight and results you deserve with them.

Duration: 1 hour


Irons / Wedges


Head and Shaft fitting for a Irons & Wedges

The Experience:
Hitting greens and getting close to the pin is a must to become a great golfer. This fitting will dial in on the correct specs for the desired ball flight trajectory and accuracy to start attacking greens and making more putts.

Duration: 1 hour


Why Fitting Matters

Call or email our team anytime. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you find the best solution to reach your playing goals.

I’m a New Golfer. Should I Get Custom Fit for Golf Clubs?

Once you build a basic reliable swing with your instructor, it’s a good idea to get fit for at least a few golf clubs. Most golfers don’t realize that up to 50% of errant shots can be due to equipment that’s just not right for you. That can be very frustrating for new players.

How Often Should I Get New Equipment?

We recommend a fitting every two years. Technology’s constant evolution may offer significant game improvement with a portion of your bag. The right way to explore new equipment is with our expert fitters, our wide variety of new equipment from all major brands, and TrackMan ball flight monitoring.

Should I take Golf Lessons Before I Come in for a Club Fitting?

If you plan to study under a particular instructor, it’s a good idea. Our custom fitting process is ‘developmental.’ That means we don’t fit to swing flaws. We recommend equipment combinations that help you evolve toward the swing goals set by you and your instructor.

Won’t an Indoor Club Fitting be Less Productive than Outdoors?

There are definitely aspects of hitting balls outdoors that are closer to playing conditions than indoors. However, we love indoor fittings because it removes wind and weather from the equation for a few hours. This allows you to contrast and compare equipment combinations in a vacuum for maximum confidence in your results.

Will My Golf Clubs be Built at Your Location?

Yes, indeed. Your new golf clubs are built to your exact specifications right here on site. It’s the only way to guarantee complete success for you. And, when you pick up your clubs you’ll have the opportunity to hit each one to make sure the new fit and feel is right on the money.

When is a “Shaft Only” Fitting Right for Me?

Some golfers have recently purchased new equipment. In most cases, errant shots or lack of distance are due to the shaft NOT being the correct profile for the player. Our shaft fitting process will discover your optimum shaft profile and allow you to retro-fit to your existing heads.

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