Atmos Tour Spec

Geared towards golfers in need of low spin with a simple color coding.

Red for High Launch

Blue for Mid Launch

Black for Low Launch

Keeping handle flexes the same for feel, but adjusting mid and tip sections for launch and spin to achieve your desired ball flight

Atmos Tour Spec

Pro 2.0/Tour Spec 2.0

Most popular and playable shaft in the Fujikura line with a more effective loading zone to store more energy in the downswing. Available in Tour Spec for more aggressive tempos.



40 TON Carbon Fiber

Maximum Carbon Fiber Content

Phantium Finish

Pro 2.0

Vista Pro

This flighted line is designed to launch lower incrementally with increasing weight and flex to accommodate players of all swing types and skill levels.

Vista Pro

Fujikura Tour Spec Shafts

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